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The leader in cleaning services since 2014

Maxmedia Services Sdn. Bhd. is a professional cleaning company based in Johor Bahru. Built around a team of dynamic, energetic cleaning operatives, we strive to create a clean and hygiene environment. With the rising demand from new developments in Johor, we focus our area of services around Johor Bahru area to cater to different cleaning needs of our customers.

As we strive to achieve better and more productive ways to clean, we invested heavily in innovative cleaning technology, cleaning equipments and cleaning products. Our approach to professional cleaning technology and customer-oriented service has provided us with a solid foundation which quickly translates into growing customer base from satisfied referrals. Within short period of time, our service has expanded to cover an extensive service network of commercial kitchens, shopping malls, hospitals, hotels, offices, airports, warehouses and many more.

Cleaning Services in Johor Bahru

When people spend more time attending to office work, they understand the value of hiring cleaning services. It is not more possible for people to clean their homes in the way that they would like to. Even offices cannot be cleaned satisfactorily by their employees because they must concentrate on more important work. The way cleaning companies have escalated the quality of their service has also attracted more customers. Customers understand that the perfection in cleaning achieved by the companies offering cleaning service in Johor Bahru cannot be matched by them. We offer a variety of cleaning services in JB that will help you keep your home and office hygienic and healthy. We possess the best equipment needed for the job and have highly trained professionals to do the cleaning job. As the most competent cleaning company in JB, we offer a variety of cleaning services for your benefit. By availing our services, you save a lot of your time. We can clean your homes perfectly due to the expertise that we possess in the job. We can do it in much less time because we have the right equipment for cleaning your home completely. We also know what cleaning solutions must be used in different parts of your home. This helps in preventing any damage to your things. Using our professional cleaning services in Johor Bahru can help to keep your employees healthy. It is common knowledge that the main cause of allergy and breathing illnesses is the dust and pollutants in the air. Many people visit your office and bring with them dust from outside. As you don’t possess the knowledge or machines for deep cleaning, the dust will remain in the office polluting the air inside. Our cleaning methods will help to remove dust and dirt from every corner of your office. Our expert workers will ensure that every area of your office is cleaned to perfection and leave it in pristine condition. Our professional cleaning service has helped to keep many establishments with very high traffic perfectly clean and hygienic. Places like hotels and hospitals where people are always visiting extra cleaning efforts and we provide this. You can keep your customers happy by providing a clean environment. Our service will avoid the need for you to invest in cleaning equipment and solutions. You also don’t have to manage cleaning employees when you avail of our services. We offer convenient and affordable services. Our cleaning services will not disturb your work in any manner. Apart from the regular office cleaning services in Johor Bahru we also provide special services like external cleaning for a high-rise building. The outside appearance of your building is very crucial for your brand image. Keeping it clean is not possible without people with special training and skills. You will also need the equipment for the cleaners to do their job. We have both the people and the tools for the job. Our cleaning jobs are done with extreme care to see that there is no damage caused to your building or any danger to anyone in the building.

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