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External High Rise Building Cleaning Services

Maintaining a clean exterior of the office building is very essential for maintaining brand image. The first impression is created by the external appearance of the building. Our expert and experienced cleaning services help many buildings to look new even after many years. Regular cleaning will avoid the need for rough and abrasive cleaning that can damage the exterior of the building. Our external building cleaning services will also help to avoid the growth of organisms that can be dangerous to the structure of the building.

Carbonate staining is very common in the building where there are brick and mortar joints. These will be seen as white stains running down from these joints and cracks. These stains will look ugly on the exterior walls. We will clean these stains perfectly and leave the walls looking like new. The increase in vehicles has created another problem for buildings in the city. The exhaust fumes from vehicles contain hydrocarbons that cause black stains on the walls. Though these may appear over a while, regular cleaning will prevent this from happening.

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If brick and mortar surfaces are cleaned with muriatic acid and not rinsed well this can also result in stains on the walls. The impurities in the acid can penetrate porous surfaces like that of bricks and cause severe staining. Our exterior building cleaning services can effectively remove these stains. We also clean all the outside surfaces like concrete floors and walls. We take all measures to ensure that regular office work is not affected and the people inside are not affected by the cleaning work.

High Rise Building Cleaning

High rise cleaning services require special equipment and highly trained people to do the job. We possess all these and ensure that the work is complete satisfaction. The height of the building and weather conditions can be a challenge for such work. That is where our experience comes handy. The surface to be cleaned is usually glass and this poses a greater challenge. The external surface also includes cladding. We ensure that the whole surface is uniformly clean and shining. We make sure to use the right cleaning chemicals for each material so that there is no damage.

Our biggest asset is our experienced workforce who will ensure perfect cleaning while also maintaining the highest safety standards to ensure no damage occurs to the building. We also ensure that the office work is not affected by our work. As the buildings are of different heights and designs, we possess different types of equipment to meet all requirements. Our high rise building cleaning service ensures a clean appearance and preserving the image of the company.

A clean external facade of your building often represents the image of the business to the public. Our external high rise cleaning team are well-trained to provide cleaning of the building’s surface using the safest and most effective methods of industrial abseiling access to provide cleaning of the buildings’ service and environment.

We apply the right cleaning materials tailored to the specific surface of your building:

  • Glass
  • Concrete
  • Tiles
  • Aluminium Cladding
  • And etc.