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Landscaping Services in Johor Bahru, Malaysia

We are the top landscape contractor in Malaysia who provides all gardening and landscaping services. We help in creating a beautiful green space around the building to enhance its value and aesthetic appeal. We offer customers a wide variety of services in gardening and landscaping. Our landscape designing is unique with our expert design team coming up with designs that are best for the building. We have agricultural experts who can study the soil around the area and create a green area with trees and plants that will grow profusely giving an excellent green belt around the building.

Garden Creation – We create the most beautiful gardens with all the other non-plant elements merging naturally with the green cover. Our experts can create landscapes with different themes according to the choice. We will produce the most attractive green area around the building that will become a landmark in the city.

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Garden Maintenance – As part of landscaping in Johor Bahru we offer garden maintenance service. This will include trimming and controlling the growth of plants. We will clear all the fallen leaves and other debris to maintain the garden beautifully. We will also remove dry and decayed plants from the garden and replace them with fresh ones.

Pruning / Hedging – Pruning is very important for the proper growth of the plant. This must be done by professionals for flourishing well. We have the professionals for pruning different species of plants. We hedge plants as part of the landscape design in Johor Bahru to grow them in different shapes that will give additional aesthetic value to the property.

Plant Healthcare – Our landscaping services in Malaysia includes providing proper healthcare for the plants. This will include planting different species of plants as per the nutrients available in the soil. We also provide the additional nutrients required by different plants. Our experts know which plants need more or fewer nutrients. This program will also include the prevention of various diseases that affect plants.

Installation Of Irrigation System – Irrigation is required for all types of gardens. It is also important that water is not wasted when watering the plants. We can set up an irrigation system that will provide the optimum amount of water required for the plants. Customers can avoid wastage of water.

Lawn Laying And Mowing – We help to lay the lawn as per customer requirement. Lawns not only give a green cover but also prevent soil and water erosion. They also provide a nice place for people to sit in the shade. We provide regular lawn mowing service also to keep the lawn tidy.

We also offer a seasonal display of flowers at the premises on special occasions.

We are professional in the planning, construction and maintenance of functional and aesthetically pleasing gardens, front yards, back yards and landscapes that enhance the appearance of your outdoor spaces.

    •  Every employee wears a photo ID badge.
    •  Mobiles are custom wrapped for easy identification.
    •  We are a fully insured nationally ranked brand.
    •  All work is backed by our exclusive “Streak-Free Guarantee”.
    •  We offer multiple services to maintain yourv home.
    •  Our services are more affordable than you think.