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Step By Step Guide For Carpet Cleaning And Office Cleaning Services

Your office is the place where you crack some fantastic deals. Hence, it is significant to maintain the office and keep it professional and clean. If your workplace were dirty and smelly, with stains on the carpet, would it not put off the clients? That is why you should regularly seek office cleaning services in Johor Bahru. Make your office appear pleasant with spotless carpet and great fragrance. Services for carpet cleaning in Johor Bahru are available at affordable rates.

Steps For Carpet Cleaning In Johor Bahru

Step 1: Inspect The Carpet

Before starting the cleaning process, inspect the carpet thoroughly. Look for any stains and gauge the exact condition of the carpet. Also, it is helpful to ascertain the properties of the carpet and what material would be suitable for cleaning it.

Step 2: Move The Furniture Out Of The Way

Dragging the furniture over the carpet can permanently damage or tear the carpet. So, it is always best to hire services for carpet cleaning in Malaysia. All the professional office cleaning services in Johor Bahru have the right equipment to move the furniture and heavy objects safely without any damages.

Step 3: Vacuum The Carpet

Your carpet is full of dirt and debris. It is better to remove this dirt before going for deep cleaning. If you regularly vacuum the carpet, it will have less amount of dust and debris in it. However, if your office has a high traffic of people coming in and going out, then the carpet will be much dirtier. So, it is advisable to vacuum the carpet to take out the dirt hidden in it before any other cleaning procedure.

Step 4: Test The Carpet For Colourfastness

You should know that different carpets require specific cleaning solutions. If you have never used a solution on the carpet, it is crucial to test it for colorfastness first. Or else, if you use it without a test, some solutions can damage your carpet permanently and fade its colour. So, try out a small portion of the carpet initially, to check how the solution would affect the carpet. Use a towel with solution, rub it over the carpet, and see if any colour stains appear on the towel. Even if there are small traces of carpet’s colour on the towel, avoid using that solution. It is better to try out some other cleaning solution rather than fading the carpet colour and ruining its longevity.

Step 5: Remove The Stains

If there are any heavy stains on the carpet, remove them first before the full cleaning. The right way to deal with marks is to blot the stained area rather than scrubbing it. Vigorous scrubbing can spread the stain in surrounding portions of the carpet and destroy it further. If you blot the stain, the absorbent substance will deal with the stain without letting it spread.

Step 6: Pre-Treat The Carpet

Pre-treat the carpet with a preconditioning agent on the areas with heavy soil and stains. Pre-treating substance soaks the soiled and stained areas of the carpet, emulsify, and breaks down the dirt for easy removal. With this procedure, it becomes effortless to clean the carpet and save it from any damages.

Step 7: Extract The Dust And Rinse With Fresh Deodorizer For Carpet

If you hire office cleaning services in Johor Bahru, they would have professional brushes and extractors to deep clean the carpet and extract the dust deep-rooted in the carpet fibers. It further cleans the carpet and goes under the areas that were neglected before. Moreover, the cleaning process can be done by applying a deodorizer, which will leave a fresh fragrance and smell in the office.

Step 8: Post-Cleaning

If any stains or marks remain on the carpet, they will get extra treatment for permanent removal. The application of a protector can increase the carpet’s life and protect it from any damages.

Step 9: Dry The Carpet

If need be, let your carpet dry after the cleaning procedure. A speed dryer can help in drying carpets rapidly so that you can use them afterward.

Step 10: Final Inspection

Lastly, a final check to see whether the efforts have paid off or not. You can look for any leftover stains or spots.

Maxmedia, a professional company for carpet cleaning in Johor Bahru, follows these steps to clean the home and office carpets. We have all the appropriate equipment and cleaning substances for carpet cleaning. If you find the carpet cleaning procedure daunting, call us, and we will do it for you.

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