MaxMedia’s expertise encompasses the manufacturing of high-quality and heavy-duty timber products. Incorporating all the modern tools and technology, we provide our customers with a wide range of services and deliver high-grade materials. Expect the availability of premium quality wooden pallets, sawn timber, and logs from us .Our company manufactures a vast variety of wooden pallets in aesthetic designs and types, such as Panel Deck Pallet, Wing Pallets, Block Pallets, and more. Consumers can also look forward to sawn timber wood in different designs and shapes. Lastly, the manufacturers and business owners can trust us to procure timber logs with unsurpassed consistency.


Panel Deck Pallet

The panel deck pallet has a top covered with a solid, one large sheet of wood. There is no space in the deck of this pallet. It provides constant support and consistency for product lifting and storing. With a cost-effective ratio, this pallet is easy to transport and clean for the customers.

Wing Pallets

With overhang deck boards, the wing pallet is an epitome of strength. The deck boards' protrusion beyond the stringer enables it for use in stevedoring, forklift trucks, and bars. As the surface area increases, the unit-load area also increases and stabilizes for the placement of the heavy products.


Two-Way Reversible Pallets

Two-way reversible pallets are ideal for the storage of goods and use in a massive racking system. With the same amount of top and bottom deck boards, it offers stability and strength for stacking and storing. These pallets are available as per customers’ demands in different sizes, shapes, and load capacity.

Skid (Expendable Pallet)

Skid pallets are one-time use, one-way pallets for shipping the products out. You can take advantage of these pallets in a one-way application. With a single deck, these pallets are non-returnable yet lightweight and easy to handle. These pallets have a limited lifecycle and save a lot of your savings due to low cost.


Partial Four-Way Pallets

The most commonly used pallet type is the partial four-way stringer pallet. It gives access to forklifts from any of its four sides while allowing only two-way handling of pallet jack or transporters. This style provides the greatest strength, ease to maneuver, and better usage during storage and heavy load shipping.

Block Pallets

With an increase in utilization, block pallets are making their way among the most widely used pallets. The number of blocks used in these pallets ranges from four to twelve. It allows entry to the forklifts and pallet jacks from all four sides. The block's distribution supports the unit load and provides strength.


Sawn Timber

MaxMedia offers its customers an extensive range of sawn timber in different styles and shapes. By cutting logs, sawn timber wood coverts into distinctive patterns and designs. Construction of high-quality beams and planks for the exceptional sawn timber products to carry through a variety of applications and demands of our customers.


Supply of Timber Logs

Our services extend up to the supply of timber logs to our valuable customers. The process of cutting, processing, and transporting logs for consumers is our responsibility. Manufacturers can focus on their businesses instead of worrying about the timber log quality and supply reliability. Our services will take care of all the procurement challenges for supplying timber logs.