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Tips For Tile Polishing And Cleaning Services In Johor Bahru

Tiles give a clean, sleek, and shiny appearance to the surfaces. Also, if maintained the right way, floor tile polishing and radiant look last longer. There are a few tips and techniques to keep the tiles clean and fresh. You can apply these methods to keep your floor tiles looking like new.

If you have a hard time cleaning tiles, call the professional cleaning services in Johor Bahru. The experts have the right cleaning products and tools to make the floors clean and polished.

General Tips For Cleaning Tiles

Get The Right Cleaning Agent

For cleaning the tiles, it is necessary to find the right cleaning agent to mop the floor. The wrong cleaning substance can make the floor tile polishing dull. Cleaning services in Johor Bahru use the effective cleaning agents for tiles to preserve their shine.

Remove The Dry Dust

Sweep, vacuum, or mop the dry and loose dust. The dust and debris can dull the floor tile polishing. So, clean it regularly to keep the glossy tile look intact.

Mop The Floor

Choose the right type of mop to clean the tiles. A microfiber mop will be more beneficial than a sponge mop. Sponge mops make the floor cloudy with dirty water and push it into grout lines. In contrast, the microfiber mop cleans smoothly and smartly.

Treat With Ammonia

If you find the tiles losing their shine, you can treat them with ammonia. Mix a cup of ammonia with two to three litres of water and clean the tiles with it. It will reduce the rate of fading colour of the tiles and restore their sparkle.

Keep The Floor Stain-Free

Clean the spills as soon as possible from the tiles. They stain the floor and causes discolouration. Whenever you find a stain, use an appropriate cleaner as per the substance to clean it.

Clean The Soap Residue

Do not leave the soap residue on the floor after rinsing it. Your tiles will get the hazy look if you do not clean it properly.

Keep The Tiles Dry

Do not let the tiles air-dry on its own because the water will leave spots. Dry the water with a clean cloth after rinsing it.

Tips For Specific Tiles’ Cleaning

Marble Tiles

Marble tiles appear attractive; however, they are not resistant to scratches or stains. That is why they need to be maintained appropriately for long-lasting shine. The best way to scrub marble tiles is to avoid cleaning it with acidic substances. A neutral PH cleaner, mixed with water is the right option for marble tiles. Otherwise, the marble tiles will get etch marks and stains.

Moreover, do not scrub the marble floor too hard; it can get scratches. Clean up any spilt substances as soon as possible. Also, use brushes with soft bristles to mop the floor. Do not allow the water to sit on the floor and dry it with a cloth.

Brick Tiles

Due to their properties, brick tiles can absorb the dirt and grime into it. Therefore, it becomes imperative to clean the brick tiles regularly. Start by dry vacuuming or sweeping and then mop the floor with a water solution. You can use a tough-bristled brush or scrubber to remove stains from the brick tiles. Moreover, if you find it challenging to clean the brick tiles, hire professional cleaning services in Johor Bahru for immaculate work.

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles have a protective coating on the surface, which saves the shine and features low-maintenance. Cleaning ceramic tiles is easy; daily sweeping or moping with a soft rag and with a mild cleaner is enough to make it sleek.

Moreover, if there is a hazy and cloudy appearance on the floor, you can use a bit acidic detergent. Avoid using sponge mop as it can push the dirt and murky water into the grout lines. It will become harder to clean it afterwards.

Slate Tiles

Slate tiles are washable with a mild cleaning agent. Avoid using any detergent with acidic properties. Slate is a natural stone; however, it is prone to scratches and abrasions. So, any acidic cleaner can damage the stone. Moreover, if there is a coating on the slate tiles, do not let the water leave its spots on the floor and dry the water right away.

Glass Tiles

Glass tiles have a sleek appearance; their properties make them resistant to scratches and stains. However, water or any other liquid can easily stain and dull the shine of the glass tiles. Dry sweep the floor first and then mop it with a regular cleaning agent. Rinsing the floor with water and then moping it to dry the water is enough for glass tiles. Do not mop the floor if the tiles have dust or dirt on it.

You can always hire professional cleaning services in Johor Bahru, to make your tiles shiny and radiant.

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